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What’s My Name’s Hidden Meaning???Ruby!!

I got this tag from my new found friend online, Maritesthanks a lot for this tag…well I find this interesting….Almost are true (around 90% maybe hehehe) but some are not (guess the remaining 10%) !! I hope I can explain it further next time when I feel perfectly okey!! The full meaning of my name […]

Thanks a Million!!

I would to extend my deepest gratitude to all my friends, visitors, readers and co- bloggers who always visit me here. I will attend to all of you soon when I get back my power again!! Also thanks a million to those who give their time and effort for always voting me in Filipino Blog […]

Wordless Wednesday

Yummy grilled chicken and pork ribs!! I bought some today as I have no time to cook anymore..

Today’s Word “heterodox”

heterodox HET-uh-ruh-doks (adjective) – 1 : Contrary to or differing from some acknowledged standard, especially in church doctrine or dogma; unorthodox. 2 : Holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines. “Already I was considered heterodox if not treasonable, and I was keenly alive to the danger of my position; nevertheless I could not at times refrain from […]

Disappointing Crazy Weather in Germany!!

Easter is over so I thought the weather will be better again!! I already posted some happenings this morning in Simply The Best….I just get ready to go for grocery shopping. Cleaned my car and stopped at the bank to pick up some money. It was already snowing this morning but still decided to go […]

HTML Editor

I was just curious what really HTML Code means. I am already using these codes but never understand its true meaning. I got this one from my favorite Wikipedia An HTML editor is a software application for creating web pages. Although the HTML markup of a web page can be written with any text editor, […]

Happy Easter!!!

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL MY FRIENDS!! Don’t forget to vote for me at SalasWildthougths…CLICK FOR MY NAME STARLIGHTEXPRESS- #8 ON THE LIST FOR FILIPINO BLOG OF THE WEEK# 101…FOR ALL THOSE WHO VOTING PLEASE KEEP ON VOTING..ONLY 1 VOTE PER DAY!! Thanks a lot for all your help and support!!! I really appreciate all your […]

Black Saturday

Names Holy Saturday is sometimes called Easter Eve or Easter Even, especially by Anglicans, Low Saturday. In the Philippines this day bears the name Black Saturday or Sábado de Gloria, the former probably because of black being the colour of mourning (for the deceased Christ) or the “darkness” caused by His “absence” and the latter […]

Please Help Me!!

Hi guys!! How are you doing??hope everyone is doing great this weekend especially that tomorrow is Easter Sunday!! Christ is Risen!! Really great!!! well..well to my surprised, what I saw as I opened this blog is that I read a a message in my tag-board that I am nominated as Filipino Blog of the Week!!! […]

Good Friday

Definition and Etymology Good Friday, called Feria VI in Parasceve in the Roman Missal, he hagia kai megale paraskeue (the Holy and Great Friday) in the Greek Liturgy, Holy Friday in Romance Languages, Charfreitag (Sorrowful Friday) in German, is the English designation of Friday in Holy Week — that is, the Friday on which the […]



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!



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