Disappointing Crazy Weather in Germany!!

Easter is over so I thought the weather will be better again!! I already posted some happenings this morning in Simply The Best….I just get ready to go for grocery shopping. Cleaned my car and stopped at the bank to pick up some money. It was already snowing this morning but still decided to go because I just need to buy the battery charger and chargeable batteries in Aldi, a famous discount store here in Germany. They only have this items once or twice in a year in a very cheap price. I got one already but I sent it in my box to the Philippines last Saturday because I also sent my old HP camera.

Battery charger and chargeable batteries are also very expensive in the Philippines as I had a vacation there back in 2006. Aldi have sometimes items that are seasonal and it is really very cheap compared to other stores.. I also proven it to be durable…

As I drive around 3 kilometers away, I decided to turn around because the snow was really getting very hard.. It is 50 meters visibility.. It means I can’t see the street any more because of too much snow falling down. well got some photos down for you to see the weather.

I was just very sad but maybe it is better to stay at home than having an accident!!! right guys???? I already got one last year.. also during snow time..well somebody hit the back of my car because of slippery snow in the street.. I hope there are still battery charger and rechargeable batteries in Aldi as I always need it in my cameras.

What just a crazy weather we have now!!! sunshine…snow…rain….snow…sunshine..snow..snow..sunshine..rain…snow!!!!! great!!! What else are you looking for!!!

my car before I drive..have to clean it first!!

the street where I stopped and took some fotos
you might wonder where is the picture here..
this is what i’m talking 50 meters visibility..
can’t see the street anymore so I drove back home before I get accident

striked a pose in our garden after I shovelled our walking way!! great job!!

this is the weather..look at the street!!! do you want to drive here???


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