What a Beautiful Day!!

Today was a very beautiful day compared to the past days..It was sunny with blue sky and not so cold..Perfect weather for going around…The past days were cold, very windy and we even got snow last Thursday..Compared to last year’s month of April, this year is quite not so good due to bad cold weather always..

Me and my hubby dear decided to go to Berching. We planned to go to Schwandorf but change our minds..We also had a lot of stop-overs to the small towns we passed by like Doellwang, Seubersdorf, Deining, Waldkirchen and a lot more…well forgot the names…German words and names are sometimes very difficult to remember esp. if it sounds new.

Thanks God for this very beautiful Sunday!!! hope you got one too!!

this was written in front of the church in Waldkirchen..it says that this Church was built with God in the year 1889 and was redesigned/rebuilt last 1996-1998 as their Parish Church.

the paintings in the ceiling of the Church!! really very nice..one thing I love about Germany are their churches which have very nice paintings and monuments!!

the altar

the monument remembering the victims/dead of the WW2

the Pfarrkirche or Parish Church of Waldkirchen!!

for more fotos of our escapades today please visit Simply The Best and Euroangel Graffiti..


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