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How highly awarded can a Ukranian be?

The title of Hero of Ukraine is the highest award that can be conferred by the Government of Ukraine. The title was created in 1998 by President Leonid Kuchma, and it is currently awarded in two distinctions: one for heroism and one for great achievements in labor. Since Borys Paton first received the title in […]

Today’s Word “edacious”

edacious i-DAY-shus (adjective) – Given to eating; voracious; devouring. “Occasionally the road must be set back, and once the lighthouse was moved back from the cliffs, eaten away by the edacious tooth of the sea.” — Henry White Warren, ‘Among The Forces’ Edacious is from Latin edax, edac-, gluttonous, consuming, from edo, edere, to eat.

Ed Weiler becomes NASA’s science chief

WASHINGTON (UPI) — The U.S. space agency said Ed Weiler, interim chief of its science directorate, has been named the directorate’s permanent director. “I’m very pleased to have Ed officially accept a more long-term position as science chief,” said NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. “His leadership style and 26 years of headquarters experience will be vital […]

Study: Pacific coast becoming more acidic

CORVALLIS, Ore. (UPI) — Scientists aboard a U.S. research ship have discovered high levels of acidified ocean water within 20 miles of the West Coast shoreline. The international team of researchers aboard Oregon State University’s research vessel Wecoma surveying the waters of the continental shelf off the West Coast of North America said their finding […]

Having Acne Problems

My sister have been experiencing problems about Acne. Until now she is still having it. She has been to a lot of dermatologist back in the Philippines but still the Acne problem was not solved. Her face really look so bad especially if she accidentally scratch those acne during her sleep. Sometimes blood even comes […]

Titanium doors to increase soldier safety

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (UPI) — U.S. government scientists say the next generation of combat vehicles will be equipped with titanium alloy doors to provide increased safety for soldiers. Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers said the doors would be made using low-cost titanium powders in a non-melt consolidation process they developed that will reduce the amount […]

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

One of the most important hygiene that we must do to our body is the dental hygiene. It is not a fun having pains on our teeth. Sometimes you can’t even sleep due to tooth ache. I already experienced that before when I was young. Thanks to hygiene education and the modern dental health services […]

Researcher: Burmese pythons moving out

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (UPI) — Burmese pythons are multiplying rapidly in the Everglades and moving north in Florida and south to the Keys, a University of Florida researcher says. Frank Mazzoti said the pythons can live anywhere alligators can, which would include all of Florida and swamp areas in Georgia and Louisiana, Science Daily reported. “People […]

Did the title of the Smashing Pumpkins third album have any special significance?

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is the third album by American alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. Band leader Billy Corgan described the album’s title as “just another one of those pretentious Pumpkin album titles continuing the long line of pretension.” When asked about other possible album titles that were considered, the band joked, […]

How devastating was Hurricane Rita?

Hurricane Rita was the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded and the most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico. Rita caused $11.3 billion in damage on the U.S. Gulf Coast in September 2005. Rita made landfall on September 24 between Texas and Louisiana, as a Category 3 hurricane before continuing on […]



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