What is My IP Address

There are still a lot of internet or cyberspace words that are foreign to me. I always heard about them but I really don’t know what they mean. One of them is IP address or known as the Internet Protocol.

According to Wikipedia, the dictionary in internet, IP means a network layer protocol in the Internet protocol suite and is encapsulated in a data link layer protocol (e.g., Ethernet). As a lower layer protocol, IP provides the service of communicable unique global addressing amongst computers.

See, I just knew now the real meaning of IP…Sounds good to me. In the process of knowing more about IP, I just came across whatismyipaddress.com. It is a very interesting website that gives you a lot of informations about what IP is.

What is My IP Address provides a lot of topics that are very useful like ip address lookup. As I visited this site, they provided automatically the location of the PC I am using. Really very interesting!! What they said in their was right. The IP address of the PC I am using is in North Las Vegas.

We can really experience the high technology that we have now. It is just very amazing how these equipments, machines, gadgets and even software and programs we have now in the cyberspace.

At whatismyipaddress.com, you can also have all the forums, discussions and topics especially with regards to IP address. Some topics include My Ip, Change IP, IP Lookup, trace email, IP tools and a lot more.

I will visit this site from time to time since they really have a lot of topics that interest me. well, I am just a WWW addict!!!

If you want to know more about their interesting topics about IP, don’t hesitate to click their site. They can be of help!!


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