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Visiting Disneyland, California

I am just sharing some photos today during my trip in Disneyland, Califonia…I have a very busy day today doing some household chores and other important errands. ..really busy, busy , busy….Just wishing everyone a very great day out there… Thanks for visiting me here!!!…I really appreciate everything!!take care everyone!!! a fireworks show in Disneyland, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Old Photo with a Friend!!

As far as I can remember, I am not really posting photos of friends in my blogs unless I ask for permission. I am just sharing this photo to remember the first friends I met in Germany since July 2003, the month I arrived in Germany. I asked my beloved friend Liway to post this […]

Quote for Today

Pieces======= Life is a well structured game;we’re not the players, we’re the pieces. ~A MountainWings Original by C. Etteyo, St. Germain, WI~ A photo I took in our place where we usually go walking. if you really take a good look of this stone structure, it looks like a head of a person…what do you […]

How Your Business Can look Great!!

Owning or starting a certain business like stores, coffee shops, clinic, offices, supermarket or any other kind of businesses is not easy. You need a lot of planning to do on how to promote and market your products and services. Not only that, you also need sort of display solutions for your products and commodities. […]

Why I Create Websites

There are some reasons why I created lots of websites or this simply called blogs. Even before, I already love to write. Anything that comes out of my mind, ideas, thoughts, opinions and even personal experiences that are worthy of sharing, I am writing it in my sites. Some friends told me that you can […]

Perfect Site for those Who Love to Exercise

I wish I can have more time to do exercise. I have an exercise equipment inside our room. Sometimes I do it, sometimes not. guess, I’m just so lazy because I stay too much in front of my PC. I am always trying to make a resolution to have at least one hour exercise in […]

Solution to your Acne Problems!

Having acne problems is not a joke. I am also a victim of this kind catastrophe. You might be wondering why I called it a catastrophe!!! Per my experience, acne is very itchy. Sometimes during my sleep at night, I am unconscious that I am already scratching my face so when I woke up in […]

Blog stats update!!

This is really sad but my PR went down from 4 to 3!! hello what’s up!!! anybody there who can tell me why such thing happen??? I don’t know too…hope to find out next time!! I’m just so busy the past days..not only doing household chores but also doing my escapades especially from yesterday!!! will […]

I just Wanna Have Fun!!

I am an all-around person, I guess. Back in my home country, my barkadas or close friends always call me “Jack of All Trade”. Well, because I can just do lots of things, from singing to dancing to playing any ballgames like volleyball, softball, table tennis, basketball, lawn tennis, bowling, badminton ; indoor and outdoor […]

Back to School Topics!!

I was trying to find my TOR or Transcript of Records in College. I was just reminiscing some subjects which are related to the topic I am writing now!!! I could still remember before our graduation, I mean before the end of the last semester we were required to write a Term Paper in particular […]



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