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Great Site for Body Builders!

I think this is a great site for people who want to build their ideal physique!! I believed going to the gym alone is not enough to have body you always wanted. You also need bodybuilding supplements that will help you form and achieve the ideal physical body you want. Body building Factory is there […]

Medical Supplies Delivery

Are you engage in medical business and need some medical supplies? Are you an ordinary citizen too that wants medical supplies delivered right into your homes! Mothers who just gave birth don’t can leave the house anymore because they have to take care of the babies. Baby stuffs like disposable diaper, creams and ointments and […]

Hollywood, LA

Just an eye breaker, reading all those post with all words in it!! it is sometimes boring and painful to the eyes…isn’t it?? I was in this place last month!! A dream come true to visit U.S. and some of its interesting places like Hollywood, the place of the rich and famous!!..Now I am back […]

Moon property Available Now!

Are you planning to buy a property in the moon?? This is not a joke but might be a fun!! You can now buy the moon. Whether you want it for yourself or as a gift to someone, this is a very affordable gift worth treasuring for!! I was really amazed visiting for the first […]

I want a Guess Watch!

I saw some very nice Guess watches at Forum Shop in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. At that time, I already run out of funds because I already spent almost all my money in shopping. The biggest shopping spending I had in my whole life. I had a great time shopping there to the max!! […]

I Love Excalibur

You might be thinking this is the Excalibur Hotel and casino in Las Vegas!! You are wrong my friend!! I am talking here of Excalibur Cutlery and Gift Shop!! I love to cook and need some kitchen equipments, so I believed this site is good for me. What I like most are the items they […]

Secure your Checked Luggages

I should have this before I travelled to USA last time. I just have some valuables in my check-in luggages. I wanted it to be secured. You don’t know what is going to happen like losing some valuables in your luggages. There are so called tsa locks that will secure and protect your luggages. You […]

Customize Boxes for your Businesses!!

Shipping or freight businesses even post offices need good boxes. I remember last time in Las Vegas, I was looking for some amount of boxes for mailing the goods I shopped like souvenirs, clothings and a lot more. I was typically looking for 5 boxes with a size of 12 x 12 x 12. I […]

Funny Picture!!

I just want to share this with you guys!! This pix is quite interesting!! hahaha..A friend send this to me long time ago. so I guess it’s time to share it too!! Isn’t it amazing how they captured this picture!! Have fun!! Have a nice weekend!! If I’m not mistaken this is the leaning tower […]



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