Am I in Venice, Italy??

How are you guys!! just give you a little update…

Am I in Venice?? not really…but you see the pix below, it’s not really in Venice, Italy..but of course, I had been in Venice twice already..I also like that place..Last Wednesday, I finally met my friend here in Las Vegas..we had a great time together chit chatting, talking, laughing etc..

we went walking in vegas strip and really had fun. I haven’t seen Mercy, who is my schoolmate back in college and also my co-varsity player in softball..speaking of school days esp. college days!!! that was a very memorable and adventurous part of my life!!

Before I forgot, thanks to Mercy who treated me in the Asian restaurant in Cypress street inside Caesars Palace…thanks Merz

It is nice seeing you again!! salamat sa kodak2 ..hahaha!!

anyway, 3 more sleeps and I’ll be backed in europe already!! i’m sad leaving my family and new found friends in vegas but at the same time happy seeing my old friends and my Mann who misses me so much!! ich vermisse dich auch Schatz!! Ich liebe dich!! Danke fuer alles!! Du bist sehr gut zu mir!!

that’s a little update for today…see yah!! take care everyone!! please pray for my safe trip back to Europe!!thanks!!

Happy Independence Day to all Americans!!!

with Mercy in front of Venetian Hotel and Casino…las vegas!!
still in Venetian Hotel…feeling like i’m inreal Venice here!!


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  1. ankur Says:

    Happy independence day to all . May god bless all americans .

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    hey ankur..appreciate your comments here….tc


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