Comeback of the WWW Addict!!

How are you my dear friends and readers!! I hope all is fine and great!! I am finally back from my two months vacation escapades from US…wow the longest escapades I ever had. Actually I arrived last Monday July 7, 2008..Since Germany is 9 hours advance, I quite lost some time..but it’s ok there’s nothing to worry about.

I had a very long journey from Las Vegas to Munich..I left las Vegas last Saturday July 5 at 11:55 pm boarding flight#DL 1092 with Delta Airlines and arrived at around 6:53 am Georgia time. I had a 9 hour stop-over in Atlanta, Georgia and boarded Flight#DL0130 at around 4:15 pm. I was just thankful that the plane was not so full that I occupied 2 seats and really lied down and relax while travelling. well, one advantage of being not so tall that I can just squeeze myself on the 2 seats.. I arrived in Munich Monday already. It was really a very long and tiresome trip for me especially that I travelled alone..

I would say, if “There is a departure, there is always and arrival”.. I am sad leaving Las Vegas but also happy seeing Germany again. I believed life is sometimes like that. I thought, I would be staying already in US but it is still quite difficult considering a lot of things. I would only say that sometimes in our life, we just need to make a right decision to be happy…besides not all material things can make a person happy…Your loved ones especially your family are still the most important things that could ever happened to you..I believed I made a right decision going back to Germany again which I already considered my new home.

This is just a bit update of my comeback…try to visit my other sites for more updates and photos of my adventure in USA..before I forgot, I also have a new blog about my travel and adventure in USA.. This blog entitled Adventure in carefree USA is still under construction, so please be patient and bear with me!!

It is almost midnight in Germany, so i guess I need to sign off now…keep reading…

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to all readers, visitors and blogger friends who kept on visiting and leaving their comments and messages here even at that time I was away..
I really appreciate your time and effort in visiting me here!! Thanks a million!!

Hollywood in Disneyland California… a nice place to enjoy and entertain yourselves..I finally saw this place…i thought it is only in my dream that i come here…but it’s for real…thanks to my cousin Ann and her family who drove us here..also special thanks to my sistah Raq for everything especially during my stay in Las Vegas!!

the falls near the Grizzly Ride, Disneyland, CA…my favourite ride…with new friend Portia and cousin Ann..thanks for everything dear cousin!! I really had lots of fun during my stay in vegas!!

the entrance to Hollywood in Disneyland, CA..lots of people here who also want to enjoy themselves just like me!! such a great time I had in this place!!

the Toontown, Disneyland…sorry no time to roam around here…2 days in Disneyland is not enough..hope to be back here next time!!

I’m in Disneyland, california…a place to be happy and where million of dreams come true!! grabeeeeh jud iya mga posing diri…

hey Portia, thanks for all esp. your being a Kodaker…hahaha!! nice meeting you Porz!! take care dira pirmi!!

somewhere in Universal Studio Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA..i’m so busy taking videos..can’t imagine where all these people came from…well just like they also want to have some fun!!

hala pose kahit saan man, kahit malapit sa basurahan..sino bang kumuha ng pix na ‘to!!


3 Responses to “Comeback of the WWW Addict!!”

  1. Babette Says:

    Hello, glad you had a great time here in the US. We also just got back from a month-long vacation in Europe and was in Munich for our last week. 🙂


    Hi babettenice to see you here again..hiw are you,,hope all is ok!! tc


    ano ba yan dami mali…bilis kc masyado…sorry babette


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