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I thought it is only employers who are capable of performing Background Check. I just found out that individuals even parents can already check the background of a certain person.

I believed this is a good site for my sister. Before I introduce to you this great site for Criminal Background Check, let me first share to you a true story of my sister.

One of my sister in the Philippines met a guy from Las Vegas through internet. Anyway, I was also in Las Vegas last month having a two months vacation. Vegas is really a place to go and have fun!! Let me continue with my sister’s story. I guess, they really like each other so much that the guy wanted my sister to go to Las Vegas. My sister told this guy that before he will go to Vegas, this guy need to first visit her to the Philippines. The guy made lots of alibis, like he can’t go on vacation, Philippines is dangerous for foreigners!!! Hello, my German husband was there too and he loves Philippines and even wanted to retire there!! At first he really didn’t tell my sister the real reason. As my sister really wanted to find out the real reason why this guy don’t want to go to Phils, the guy confessed that he can’t have a passport and leave the country. And so the story goes!!

As a concerned sister, I advised my sister to stop communicating with this guy any more because I believed that the main reason for not obtaining a passport and can’t leave a certain country is that because this guy had done something wrong and even have a criminal record. Am I right??

The good thing I found out now is that, I just visited this great website called Sentry Link that can help individuals and employers regarding Criminal Check. In this website I can check what criminal act or misconduct that my sister’s friend in Las Vegas had committed. I believed that for a price of $19.95 dollars for one Background Check that Sentry Link charges is already so cheap. What I just want is the security and safety of my sister.

For those who want to have a reliable background check of a certain person, I also recommend that you click now for more infos!! It is really a great site for your safety!!


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