I just Wanna Have Fun!!

I am an all-around person, I guess. Back in my home country, my barkadas or close friends always call me “Jack of All Trade”. Well, because I can just do lots of things, from singing to dancing to playing any ballgames like volleyball, softball, table tennis, basketball, lawn tennis, bowling, badminton ; indoor and outdoor games such chess, dart, siyatong (a Philippine game), sepak takraw, mountain climbing, playing cards too and a lot more to mention.

I am not really an expert with all these games. I just know how to play these to have some fun with friends especially during gatherings. But I was a varsity in softball back in College..and yes, that was really a memorable experience especially if we compete with fellow Notredamian Schools from different places in the region. I have to say!! My Life is always full of fun and excitement!!

I also had to admit that I played games in casinos last time. Yes it’s true!! during my 2 months vacation in Las Vegas!! and I always wanted to learn poker. I haven’t tried this game yet!! Hopefully next time!!

I know even I am back in Germany now, learning online poker is already possible at Poker Strategy. It is a website that provides schooling for people who want to learn how play poker. They even have videos so you can see and observe how professional poker players are playing the game successfully.

Learning the best poker strategy is also very possible in this site! Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you can visit their website all the time and have some fun!! Good luck in your game!!


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