Weird Keyboard

I don’t exactly know what happened to my keyboard..There are just weird characters coming out if I will hit some…just like for example if I hit y, z is coming out and vice versa..if I hit colon (:) or other keys some German alphabet characters like Ö ö Ä ä ü Ü ß are coming out!! my keyboard don’t have those letters because it is an American computer…

You might wonder where I get those German characters, I posted above..?? well I copied them every time some are weirdly coming out in my screen when I hit a certain character in my keyboard and saved it in my text pad..I know I can use them if I will be writing some post in German..

I was losing my temper this afternoon, as the keyboard was acting really what I did is that I turned off the PC and do household chores!!

I was thinking for some reason why it is acting weird???is it because I have some German program in my PC?? I don’t know…anybody help over there!!

guess it’s enough for today..want to go to bed early tonight!!
See you later Folks!!


3 Responses to “Weird Keyboard”

  1. twinks Says:

    Na pasensya jud sis kay dili jud ko kahelp nimo ana nga problemaha..hehehe.. layout noon kahelp ko nimo.. hehehe..
    you're welcome oi..basta kaya nako why not di ba? c madam carlotz man gud akong idol! hehe.. oi sis akoa pa nauna update ni nga blog, kay di ba ng request manka navigation bar.. ang imong euro & adventure in next few day lang ha.. install na lang nako, tapos na ang layout.. naa pics nimo didto imo na gipadala sa akoa.. hehehe.. no probs :]

  2. twinks Says:

    Pahabol sis: ang font size sa navigation bar nimo gamay na pasensya kay taas man gud imong blog titles..daghan pud dili na mgkasya eh..gie lang mabsa man gihapon hehehe


    elow sis no problema..if naa ka tym palihug add imo mga blog diri..hahaha…cge lang will try to do it…salamat kaayo ha…thanks amillion..unsaon na lang ug wa mo duha ni dae carlots!! ayo2 dinha…luvyah!!!


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