Wordless Wednesday: Old Photo with a Friend!!


As far as I can remember, I am not really posting photos of friends in my blogs unless I ask for permission. I am just sharing this photo to remember the first friends I met in Germany since July 2003, the month I arrived in Germany. I asked my beloved friend Liway to post this pix as evidence that I knew and met her first in 2003.

Some other people out there are claiming, I guess to some friends she met online and people she just met in Germany for weeks or months that she was the one who introduced me and Liway first. That is a big lie!!! That person just came here in 2004. Liway even attended my wedding in 2003. I don’t even know if she recognize the face of Liway in this picture or else she is having amnesia and most of the things she had been talking are not credible and might even lies.

Liway have been a very good friend ever since I met her in 2003. So whatever things “she” (this babaye who had been spreading rumors) had been talking about me and Liway are not really credible or maybe she is just making her own story to tell so she will get the sympathy of other people.

And please one more request if ever you visit my site “babaye” and happen to read this, Can you please shut up your mouth and stop making stories about Liway and other people you had victimized. look at your self first before you talk!!!! or probably better to hold your tongue if you can’t say good things about other people!!!!

This photo was taken in September 2003 in Amberg swimming pool. Just see the happiness of our friendship in this photo!!! I promise you nobody can destroy our friendship!!! Liway is one of a kind I met here in Germany and she had been a true friend to me. Thanks for the friendship Way!! I will really treasure it!!

Please visit my other sites as I will be posting some old photos too!! I apologize as this post is no longer Wordless Wednesday but Full of Words Wednesday!!
have a great Wednesday to all!!!


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