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Annoying Callers

I receive everyday annoying callers. They begin calling me early in the morning around 8:00 o’clock. Our telephone have a caller ID but every time these annoying telemarketers call me, I don’t see any numbers registered on the telephone. Sometimes, it is just pissing me off because even if I’m still sleeping in the morning, […]

Understanding Webhosting….Domains and More

Slowly by slowly, I begin to understand some important terms in the internet like web hosting, domains, blogging, managed hosting and a lot more. Just like for example in blogging, I need to have my own website which can be hosted in a free platform or I can even buy now my own domain. In […]

Let’s practice our Vocabulary

I always love vocabulary and grammar..I know I still have to learn about this since I’m done with College….besides I always believed that “Life is always a process of learning”. It is just good to know words that sometimes we don’t hear or usually use….so here is our word for today..courtesy of arcamax…thought of sharing […]

Quote of the Day

Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half. Gore Vidal (1925 – )

Technology News

Test rocket destroyed by NASA after launchCopyright 2008 by United Press International… VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (UPI) — U.S. space officials said a suborbital rocket was destroyed by safety officials shortly after liftoff Friday morning from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. The rocket was destroyed by launch controllers because it failed to follow its planned path. No […]

Wordless Wednesday!

beautiful and attractive umbrellas in Disneyland, CA

I want to Cruise

I always dream of travelling and cruising anywhere in the world. In fact part of my dreams are already fulfilled or came true. I had been to the different cities and countries here in Europe and also in the United States. What I want next time is to experience Disney cruises. Of course this mean […]

Fighting With My Acne

I’m not feeling good tonight. After I took my shower, I saw that lots of pimples are growing again in my face. Since I am a victim of acne 5 years ago, I am just afraid that my acne is coming back now. I need to have an appointment to my dermatologist immediately. I hope […]

I Love to Wear T’shirts

I always find it very comfortable to wear shirts especially during summer time. Just today as I visited quick one friend, I immediately wore a shirt. I love to wear it especially with pants. Speaking of shirts anyway, sometimes I love it when it has some prints in front. I bought lots of shirts with […]

Vocabulary for today

I guess today’s vocabulary forwarded to my mail by is quite interesting. I want to also practice my vocabulary…here is my sample sentence.. I already went to my lawyer to sue a former friend who betrayed me but due to my clemency, I did not pursue the case anymore. At least, I learned some […]



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