Let’s practice our Vocabulary

I always love vocabulary and grammar..I know I still have to learn about this since I’m done with College….besides I always believed that “Life is always a process of learning”. It is just good to know words that sometimes we don’t hear or usually use….so here is our word for today..courtesy of arcamax…thought of sharing this before I delete it….Oh well, practice your vocabulary too!! TGIF…Wish you in advance a happy weekend!!..any comments or correction to my sentence is greatly appreciated!!

My own sentence:

Since I stay at home, I usually redact my thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences through blogging. I am even addicted to it now….wink!!

Today’s Word “redact”

redact rih-DAKT (transitive verb) – 1 : To draw up or frame (a statement, proclamation, etc.); to put in writing. 2 : To make ready and put in shape for publication; to edit.

“Back when we were in college, we used to lie in bed and regularly redact a mutual fantasy about how someday we could run a cafe or a hotel in some distant country…” — Peter Gadol, ‘Light at Dusk’

Redact derives from Latin redactus, past participle of redigere, to drive back, from re-, red-, “again, back” + agere, “to put in motion, to drive.”



2 Responses to “Let’s practice our Vocabulary”

  1. Carlota Says:

    in other words we learn everyday. i surely am.

    mustamus na miss? miss yeah! dia naka higayon.

  2. Euroangel Says:

    okiz ra ko dir uy…shalamat sa visita!! ayo2 dinha


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