Understanding Webhosting….Domains and More

Slowly by slowly, I begin to understand some important terms in the internet like web hosting, domains, blogging, managed hosting and a lot more. Just like for example in blogging, I need to have my own website which can be hosted in a free platform or I can even buy now my own domain. In fact, I already have around 15 websites. Eleven of which are updated often and the rest are not so often. Twenty four hours a day is just not enough to do all my stuffs in the blogosphere.

I really want to learn about web hosting. I know, I need some web hosting tutorials in order to learn more about it. Just to give you an overview of what web hosting is? here it is; A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

There are lots of terms which we need to consider about web hosting. Thanks to the information and articles provided by web hosting rating. One term to consider and we need to know when creating our own domain or website is about Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion is a web programming language of the server-side nature. It supports a variety of popular databases such as dBase, FoxPro, MS Access and Paradox. The Cold Fusion language is easy to use at any level of experience and has the power to create data-driven applications in an instant. A lot of people and even companies already use Cold Fusion for the creation and deployment of vibrant, interactive websites. It is also a perfect solution for e-commerce due to its integration with various applications.

Another very important term we need to consider is about Securing Multiple Domains. We all know that domain names are very hot products of today’s world. Let’s say for example in my own experience, I really don’t know before how to name my own domain. Luckily, I have some some domains and sub-domains that coincide with the title of my blog. A very concrete example is this blog wherein the title is “The World Wide Web Addict”, now its url or domain name is http://www.theworldwidewebaddict.rubybenz.com/ in which case, I am very much potential to capture type-in traffic, thus increasing the visibility of my website and having more visitors. You know what I mean now?? If ever you want to register multiple domains, you have to make sure that it is set-up properly. It is a great way of enhancing your online presence. Thus, Multiple domains translates to multiple benefits for your business.

Have you heard already the term Ruby on Rails?? Well, this doesn’t mean that I, Ruby is riding in the train!! Oh yeah, my name is Ruby too but this Ruby on Rails mean a different thing. Wow my name is really famous!! I’m flattered now!! I accidentally read before about Ruby on Rails while surfing and searching for my name in the internet. Ruby on Rails, more commonly referred to as Rails, is a framework for web applications scripted in the Ruby programming language. In this sense, the framework is simply a collection of building blocks that compose a type of support structure for a web-based application. Ruby itself is merely a programming language similar to that of CGI or PHP. You have a little idea now about Ruby on Rails?? I hope so!!

Lastly, I would like to ask you if ever you know about web hosting awards. I mean the best hosting site in the internet. Like for example the Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best PHP Hosting, Best Email Hosting, etc..if you don’t know it yet all of these awards go to globat.com. If you want to know more about web hosting and the Top 10 web hosting providers, please visit webhostingrating.com/ because it is almost 2 am now and I am already very sleepy….wink!!

have a nice weekend!! I will because I will attend a party on Sunday!!! bye bye for now!!


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