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Looking for Free Mobile Software

I am a gadget geek too. Even thought I am not really expert with a lot of things about the latest technology, at least I have some knowledge on what are the latest news or happenings around the world. Back in my home country, I am always a Nokia fan. Oh well, I just find […]

The Important of Insurance

In the first world countries like Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and a lot more, getting an insurance is a big role especially health insurance. We have different insurances too like life insurance, health insurance, house insurance and car insurance to name a few. There a lot of insurance companies that offers different insurances […]

Expert: Kids more at risk from cell phones

This is quite a scary news especially for kids. Would you believe that a cellphone can cause brain cancer.?? I believed so. With the radioactive it brings when using it can cause side effects and even this horrifying brain cancer. Read the rest of the story for you to be aware of it!! Personally I […]

I’m Satisfied with HTC

I just mentioned yesterday that I bought an HTC Digital Audio System. It is an Ultra Slim Digital Audio System that can be used to play CD, MP3, USB, SD Card, Flash Memory and is also and MP3 player. I bought it because I use it as an Ipod Docking station where I can listen […]

Prague, Czech Republic Trip

A phot taken at the Prague Castle’s Square. ..still foggy here huh!! or is that cause by the smokes from their heater…I’m not so sure!! visit my other sites for more updates!! take care!!

Webhosting Services in One

One of the hot topic in internet now is about webhosting. The past week, as I was searching for webhosting sites, I found a lot of websites that will cater all your needs regarding webhosting. The problem is I am not really an expert on how to host a web. I am really very interested […]

Digital Audio System

I have been looking for an Ipod docking station where I can listen to my IPod without using ear speaker (what’s the real term..sorry forget it). I try to find it in catalog but the price are so expensive. I finally have a digital audio system where I can also dock my Ipod. My sister […]

I am Feeling Better

How are you guys?? I am feeling better now. I got some sort of acne a few weeks ago. I had my acne cure and it really works. I still got some small ones but not so bad as before. I am not an adolescent anymore but still this acne problem is attacking me. At […]

I Was in Oktoberfest in Munich

more people you see here during night time!!photo by Euroangel I finally witnessed and experienced the fun in one of the famous events and festivals in the whole whole, the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany….lots of fun there!! please visit my other sites for more updates and photos….TGIF…I have to slowly sign-off now because tomorrow I […]

I Love Bacon

I mentioned in my previous post that I love to eat. Oh yes that is very true. I love bacon too especially for breakfast or brunch. I visited this site where you can be a member of bacon Traditional Club. It make me smile. Why not!! Who knows I will be nominated as bacon of […]



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