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How are you doing guys?? How was your Saturday?? I had a great day today. I drove to Neumarkt to meet a friend. We need to drive to Nuremberg to get a furniture which I bought last Saturday. While waiting for her in her apartment, I was worried because it was already almost 3PM and and she told me that she have off at 2PM and will be home after some minutes. I sent her SMS but she did not answer it. I was already worried so I called her through cellphone. She said that she is in the gas station filling gas to her car. I mentioned a particular Gas Station. She was surprised that I mentioned the right one. She even asked me if I am using a GPS Tracking because I knew exactly the Gas Station where she was. I’ll let you know later why I knew where she exactly was!!!

Talking about GPS tracking, how many of you really know the use and importance of it. I already mentioned before about GPS and how it helped solve a murder. This time I read at that a GPS Tracking Key in the vehicle had helped in the arrest and conviction of an armed robbery suspect. I was really amazed by the benefit of this very small gadget. Can you imagine a small and easy to use tracking key but have the power of locating where your vehicle is!!! Really amazing right!! Thanks to the inventor of this gadget!!

Furthermore, according to LandAirSea a GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. I would like to recommend that you visit their site to know more about GPS and the benefit it bring to our lives today.

Before I forget, I knew where my friend filled up her gas tank because that Gas Station is usually the cheapest in town!!! Quite catchy huh!! Please also visit this URL to know more of the story. Have a great evening!!


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