Education is a Wealth

I believed that Education is the best gift that parents can give to their children. For me, it is a wealth that cannot be stolen and can never be taken away from you. Education starts at home. I believed that parents play a big role in educating their children at home first. Education taken in school is also very important.

I heard from one father that they don’t want to send their daughter to school. They want to give the child a home education. It means that the parents or they themselves will teach their child at home. His wife said that she don’t want to do that and don’t want to teach her child at home. She said that his husband will be the one to teach lessons to their child. Well, I guess because the wife also don’t have a good education. In fact for some years of knowing this woman, I just knew the other month that she is only till 6th grade. But what she told me around last March of this year is that she had an education until third year high school. Oh well, she lied to me. Sounds not good and there she met a friend for just some weeks and she was already talking a lot about me and other people too!!! In my case, she is telling false stories about me. Honestly speaking, I never asked her what education she has for almost four years of knowing her. I accepted her for what she is but for what she did to me, I already ended-up our friendship. I believed that’s the best thing I could do and I did not regret ending our friendship. She’s a traitor anyway.

I can only say that children should be send to school for better education. Just like getting in College, you cannot study to a certain University you want unless you pass a certain exam and some sort of passing an admission essay. In order to qualify such exam, you need help from an expert. Admission Essays can help you with this!! Good luck!!


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