Have you heard about Prepaid Credit Cards??

You always hear this on this news. I mean the news about Economic crisis that people around the world is suffering now. It is not only happening in the first world countries like America, United Kingdom, Germany but most especially to third world countries. The big problem is when people are drown to debt and already have the hard time to repay their credits and loans, thus lead to bad credits. Prepaid Credit Cards can now the best option to establish your credit. With the name alone, it is very understandable that it is a credit card that you need to load with a prepaid amount and is use like a credit card.

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2 Responses to “Have you heard about Prepaid Credit Cards??”

  1. twinks Says:

    Prepaid credit cards sis? hmmm…
    maybe this could be a good idea..
    pero dili nako mogamit credit card sis nadala ko adtong una..hehehe..

    Hoist naa nangaway nako hahaha.. c Anonymous..pasagdan na lang..hehehe

  2. Euroangel Says:

    hehehe…ako gani wa pud cc…pordoy man..hehehe..ako bana naa na…bag-o ra pud…wa mna gud mi gamit ana Sis..pugos lang ako baba arun naa ko palit domain..hahaha..

    naa ko ana sauna tung work ko sa bango diha sa pinas


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