Too Many Scams in the Internet

Yesterday I checked one of my email account. In just some days around maybe 4 days of not checking it, I already had more than 150 emails in my inbox. Would you believe that almost 50% of my mails are scam mails saying a lot of fraudulent things like I won in a lottery or a bank employee from Nigeria who is looking for a relative to claim for the inheritance of their deceased client in the bank. One was even telling me that he is looking for a business partner in the country where I live and he is asking for my personal information like my complete name and address and bank account number. Horrible scams like these are not good. How about Nouveau Riche Scam? Have you heard about it?

I have read a lot of articles and testimonials about Nouveau Riche while visiting its site and also other websites that share information about it. I believed Nouveau Riche Scam is a false story. In fact, it is a true story. A lot of people who have been researching about this University found out that it is not a scam. In my own opinion as I also read some articles about Nouveau Riche, the former President of Phoenix University just joined this University as the new CEO. Would you think that a famous academic person and a President of a well-known University in the whole world will join Nouveau Riche if it is a scam? I don’t think so!!

To also prove that Nouveau Riche Scam is not true, I would recommend that you visit to read more success stories and testimonials of individuals who attended and graduated in this University!! You might be interested to attend business course there!! Have fun and good luck!!


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