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I know, I mentioned a lot about my vacation in Las Vegas but since this post is quite a related story, I decided to share this too. My sister and brother-in-law’s personal computers in Vegas, don’t have an anti-virus software. I asked them also regarding it that they need to have anti-virus software in their computers to prevent it from being corrupted. Since I am also using their computers during my stay there, I am just concerned if ever the PC’s will bag down. One day, it really happened. The computer was corrupted and the other one won’t work anymore. My brother-in-law re-installed again the programs and software for the computers but it is too much time consuming. Imagine he stayed the whole evening trying to re-install everything. I also felt sorry about it since I am also using the PC’s. He even mentioned that there are a lot of viruses in it which caused the PC’s to collapse. After he re-installed everything, he immediately purchased an anti-virus software to protect its computers. That sounds a great idea which I really agree!! At least he will not be bothered by those viruses and spywares any more. His PC’s are now protected.

If you want your computers to be protected too, I strongly suggest that you need to have anti-virus software in your PC. You don’t need to worry now because there are a lot of cheap antivirus software at Cheap Virus. Imagine for as low are $16.99, you computers will already be protected by viruses, malwares and spywares. We are even paying for our antivirus for around $7.50 a month. It is contract anyway, so we need to wait till our contract will end and might want to buy this very cheap ones at Cheap Virus. Don’t wait too long before your PC’c will be corrupted!! Happy surfing!!


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