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Two weeks ago as me and my husband were having our coffee time in the morning, we read an advertisement about cellphones. Actually it is not really a coffee time because my husband is only the one drinking coffee and I am drinking always green tea. I am a tea fan not really a coffee fan. Last Sunday as we went to a friend’s party, I tried some coffee with milk and later on a kind of fruit tea was also served. Let me go back with this advertisement about cellphones. It is some sort of Motorola cellphone with camera, (I just forgot the exact model) which you can obtain if you have it for contract in two years. I told my husband that the monthly fee is not so expensive so we decided to have two Motorola cellphones. We are still waiting for it until now.

I am quite a gadget geek. What’s new, what’s up!! I always try to search it in the internet. I came across grakomindo.com. Grakomindo provides the latest what’s new technology in terms of mobile phones. You can buy here the cheap, the latest and brand new mobile phones below market prices. As I was navigating their site, I was amazed by the products they offer. All kinds of mobile phones such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, LG and some more are available in their site. I am interest about their Motorola MOTO Q9 which only cost $199.00. Compared to European prices, this is already very cheap. I will start to save some money for this after my trip in United Kingdom. I hope to have this as my Christmas present. If not somebody will be forced to buy it for me…but that’s secret!!.. What do you think guys?? All I can say is that, they really have good deals and prices at Grakomindo. Need new mobile phones!! visit their site!! Have a nice Tuesday to all!!


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  1. Braden Says:

    Grakomindo.com is a scam! Please, whatever you do do not make the same mistake I made. I ordered two phones back on the 18th and sent the money for them on the 20th. For some reason the merchant only takes bank wire transfer, and for some reason I fell for it. Anyway, during the time (2 days) it took me to get over to my bank I noticed that the price on one of the phones dropped about 25 bucks. I asked the sales rep if I could pay the new price instead of the one on my invoice. He obliged and I sent the money. After sending him a copy of the wire transfer receipt he told me that it takes up to three days sometimes to complete the transfer. I waited patiently till the 28th to send him another email. And this is when my experience turned bad. He told me that he was confused and still hadn’t received my transfer, and wanted me to check with my bank. I had my bank perform a trace and sure enough it was processed on the 20th. (same day) Now, after sending numerous emails to “Halim Ansari/Daniel Kristanto” I get no reply. Please don’t make the same mistake I made.

  2. Curious.Yogurt Says:

    Don’t buy from them!!! I fell for it too – ordered two cell phones from grakomindo and wired the money (nice, happy $45 fee, btw.), and then got a very similar reply to my inquiry from Halim Ansari, namely that the money isn’t there yet and that he’s confused. I then asked my bank – Indonesia is a “slow-to-pay” country, so even though indonesian banks get the money fast, they sometimes hold on to the money before it is credited to the beneficiary’s account. This can take up to 21 days. After I wired the money I emailed Halim Ansari every 2-3 days checking on the status of my order. After about two weeks I stopped receiving replies from him. Yeah, they probably got the money and are now trying to disappear. I went to my bank and had them do a recall on the wire transfer, hopefully that will get me my money back.
    God, I’m so mad at myself for falling for this. I even tried to research the company and all the information that I got for the wire transfer on the internet, and even did a whois on the IP address and domain name – it all seemed like a legit company. They even have 3 seemingly active verification services (to guard against hackers and stuff) on their website!
    Don’t order from them! Wether they’re legit or scam, you won’t receive your cell phone! Spent a little more money on ebay or so, but at least there you can be sure to either get the phone or your money back!

  3. Euroangel Says:

    Hi Braden & curious.yugort.

    thanks a lot for the info…appreciate it…not really a good thing if that really happened!!

  4. Braden Says:

    Well, it’s now Dec. 19th and still no word from Grakomindo. This is a scam! Please, just trust me.

  5. Euroangel Says:

    HI Braden, thanks for the reminder..i ordered in another company anyway.. happy holidays!!


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