Internet Lotto Scams Alert

A lot of lotto scams or fraud have been circulating in the internet now. I don’t know where exactly these people who are doing this got the email addresses of their victims. I am one of those recipient who have been receiving emails like these in my mailbox. It is just frustrating sometimes because I receive more lotto or scam mails like these compared to my personal email. It is just time consuming clicking the spam botton especially if you receive a lot in a day. What a heck!!..I am really tired of this!!

To all friends out there!! This is just a warning!! never be carried with LOTTO SCAM MAILS LIKE THESE!! THESE ARE FRAUD AND THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY!! They can’t make fraud to me because I also don’t have the money to pay for whatever charges they are asking for the processing fee of the winnings!! Pity for these people who are doing fraud acts like these!! you are slowly burning your souls to hell!! I am so sorry for you and your victims. Below are some samples of these mails!! BEWARE GUYS BECAUSE i ALREADY HEARD THAT SOME PEOPLE WERE ALREADY VICTIMIZED!! if you received mails like these, immediately put it in your spam mails!!


RE :I have not heard from you since. (From Monica)

Good day !!!
How are you and your family?I sent you this mail few days ago but i have not been able to hear from you,so i decided to resend the mail in case if you did not get it.

Please accept my sincere and affectionate greetings.Monica johnson (widow) is my name and I am planning to move into your country to come to do some investments in your country.

However,i will be happy if you can be my contact person in your country and i hope to have a sincere and trustworthy fellow who can direct me well.

I will give you the full details of my self and the full reasons why i want to relocate into your conutry when i hear from you.

Thanks and God Bless,

from email:
With pleasure,

we announce your email as the 2nd winner of one million euro (€1.000.000) out of two hundred million euro which New York lotto were dashing out to every lucky one in all over the world. Your email attached to the winning lucky jack port number 45698plo:478965023.Secret code numbers 33369mlp14.
New York lotto is expanding their internet lotto promotion worldwide that is the reasons why email random selection was introduces through electronic powerful balloting machine. This machine run jackpots lotto over twenty nine million email and fortunately your email was the second to win so you are therefore approved for a total payment of one million Euro without any deduction.

1. You must contact your domain agents for immediate released of your winning money at this email below… name is Mr Jack towotowo tel 00226 783 48 238.
2. You must kept your winning number secret and do not show anyone for your own security purpose.
3. You must accept publishing of your pictures when you cash your winning money at your prefer mode of payments.
4. You must not any other person have access to your email for security reason
5. You did not play before you win this money and it’s your email address that won so value your email address which gives you this luck.

Your email profiles shows you are from Africa or Asia that is why you categorized to this our Branch office. Copyright 2008.New York Lottery. All rights reserved. The information contained on these pages is believed to be accurate. In the event of a discrepancy between the information displayed on this Web site concerning winning numbers and payouts and the information contained in the official and certified files maintained by the New York Lottery’s Drawing Unit.

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