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HAPPY 2009


WOW!! says my Schatz!

Some more hours and it is the last day of the year 2008. This year was a very challenging one for me . A lot of things happened from sad to happy moments. Some people are gone and you also meet new ones. I guess that is life! Whatever things or experiences that had happened […]

What If My PC Crash?

What will really happen if your pc crashes. I have a lot of things in my pc. Considering thousands of photos, videos, files, information, programs, etc..I am quite scared if it will totally crash. I hope not. What I did last time was bought a 400 GB external hard drive. I almost have here all […]

Financial Freedom in New Year

Time passes passes so quickly. One more sleep and the the New year’s Eve is finally here. No more stopping with it and nobody can stop it too! I believed most people have been through a lot of crisis this year. This is especially true with the economic and financial crisis that is happening around […]

Lights Off

Guten Abend! I finally sit down in front of my busy..another busy day today!! just a lot of things to do at home..I was also cutting and sewing some new pants that are too long for me. I bought it last week as I went to Nuremberg. While turning the lights-on because it seems dark […]

Expiring Car Insurance

I really don’t need a car but my husband wanted me to have one. Good for me too because it really have some advantages like for emergencies. It also have disadvantages. Some of these are the maintenance, car tax payments, expensive gasoline (thanks goodness that it is better now compared as before) and most of […]

Changing of Passwords

Hi guys, I am back! We had a great dinner tonight with my husband. We had some fun while talking some things. We were also talking about our younger days especially the school days! That was fun! but anyway, I have a very important topic today about changing passwords. Do you usually change your passwords […]

Looking for My Memory cards

Sometimes, I am just forgetting things. This happen sometimes especially if the thing or object I am looking are so small like needle, button, clips, earrings and any other small things that are difficult to find. Last Friday, I already put out the SD Card from my canon camera so that I can upload the […]

Tech News for today!

Happy weekend to all!! just sharing this technology and science news to all..I guess it is good that once in a while we have to know what is going on in our world..take care everyone! Orbital, SpaceX to resupply space station HOUSTON (UPI) — Orbital Sciences of Dulles, Va., and SpaceX of Hawthorne, Calif., have […]

Understanding Some Computer Terms

Happy Holidays to all! I hope you had a great and memorable one! Of course, we really had a great one celebrating it with good friends! I believed Christmas celebration is still not over but Christmas day is done. There are still New Year and three Kings that you might want to have some special […]



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