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Understanding Financial Aspect and Debt Consolidation

I am back now guys. I just watched some news in a television program while having some chat with my husband. Friday is almost ending and I hope that you will have a great weekend. I am just happy today as I went to the bank. I save some money again which I will use […]

Techno News

This is quite a very interesting science and technology news. What does it mean when CO2 is found in another part of space aside from our planet earth? Does it mean another life out there? Better read this to find out more!! TGIF!! have fun!! Hubble finds CO2 on extrasolar planetCopyright 2008 by United Press […]

I Need A New Lay-out

It is TGIF again guys? Thanks God Its Friday! Why do we say it anyway? For me it really doesn’t matter if it is Friday, Monday or any day of the week. You know why? because I just stay at home. But you tell you honestly guys, I am always a busy body. I have […]

What Happened to MY PC Again?

Hello to all my friends out there!! I want to send some snow to warm countries. Anybody want some??..later maybe after downloading my photos..wink! It is snowing hard in our place now and I shoveled snow this morning in our pathway. Anyway let’s go to the main topic before I forget it. I forget a […]



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