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My Husband is Looking for Something

Good morning to all! Yes it is morning now in Europe! Yesterday I had little bit shopping escapades with my husband. Sometimes you don’t really know what also Men want. We went to different shops in Neumarkt but my husband just don’t find anything for him. I bought some winter jackets for me because I […]

I Need to delete hundreds of mails

I am just so busy busy busy all the time that I even don’t have the chance to clean my inbox. Imagine one of my email addresses have more that 500 mails. The other have almost 500 too. That’s how busy I am that I can’t even delete those unnecessary mails. I hope before the […]

Knowing More About Computer Systems

First I want to tell you what happened the other night. I was a little scared about it because I am not really a computer expert. I know a bit of it but only the very basic ones like installing software, reading my emails, writing in my blogs and any basic things about it. I […]

What Happned to my Alexa Ranking

I just noticed something strange about my Alexa ranking. If you have an Alexa toolbar in your PC, you can see the traffic ranking of a certain site. Now I am just confuse because in the widget that I have in this site, it has an Alexa ranking of 228,716. The Alexa toolbar in my […]

I Am Shopping Again!!

my shopping escapades in las Vegas. this was taken in Forum shops in Caesars Palace I went with my husband today in Neumarkt. He have to bring back work clothes to his employer near this city. After that we proceeded to Neumarkt to go a bit shopping. But shopping for me means really buying any […]

Merry Christmas To All Friends

As we all know, the great celebration is almost coming! At this point of time, I would to extend my warmest Holiday greetings to all my friends online and offline. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Bountiful New Year too!! May the coming years will be better for all of us!! God bless us all!! […]



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