Beware When Opening a Site

Hi to all!! It is December now!! time really passes by so quickly..I hope that you are having a great day today being the first day of December. Christmas air is here..Nobody can stop its coming now. Let me just share to you about some sites that you visit or click in your computer. Last time in my friendster account a friend sent me a message with a url from a certain site. As I opened that site, my anti-virus program says that it contains a virus in it. Of course I did not opened it. This afternoon a friend called me that she had the same experience. She tried to opened that site in friendster send by one of her friend and after that her computer freezes and got totally black-out..Oh well, are these really viruses!! I believed so. I tried to opened my friendster inbox just now but I believed that I already deleted the message with site url that probably contain such virus..

So please to my dear friends be very careful when opening a certain site. Be sure that it is a trustful one that contains no malwares, spywares and any other form of viruses. I know Friendster is a great site where I always meet my friends, relatives and family all the time. Thanks to their great service where we keep in touch with our love ones and friends all over the world!! Thanks a lot dear Friendster!! you guys just be very careful!! have a great evening!!


One Response to “Beware When Opening a Site”

  1. twinks Says:

    Hi sis,
    oi maayo kay wala giatake sa virus imong pc..ako la jud ko gaopen anang mga links na alanganin kay lisod na..

    oi sis sori now lang nkabisita, ngkasakit man gud ko tapos ng time out sa ko sa blogging…

    thanks for the visit :] mwahugs!


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