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Merry Christmas to One and All!! One more sleep and Christmas Eve is here. No more stopping for this. Time passes by so quickly! I also can’t believed that I am already more than one year of enjoying the blogosphere, meeting friends around the world, learning more about blogging, learning about internet and computer and hopefully will also also learn more about web hosting. As you can see, I already have a lot of sites that have its own domain name. I believed that it is better to share my ideas, thoughts, opinions here in the blogosphere than wasting my time with other things that are useless. Before that, I also want to give a special thanks to a friend name Carlota for my first domain name. It is really great having friends in the blogosphere like you. Special thanks also for all my friends who had made my blogging world a wonderful and more exciting one! I truly enjoyed and appreciate your company here.

Back to my main topic guys. I know more than one year if blogging is still not enough time to discover the vast world of blogosphere. last year, I was still wondering why other blogger friends have their dotcom, dotnet, dotorg or any any domain names. Now I know better about it especially that I read some infos about web hosting bluebook. I know I am not an expert about this but I am happy to know some about it. After blogging for some months, I also bought and have my own domains. I thought it was that difficult but as long as you understand English I guess, it is quite easy.

If you are also interested about web hosting, Web Hosting Bluebook can provide you the list of the top 10 web hosting sites that offer the cheapest and the best features available. I am planning to buy again another domain names for some sites that I just started this month. Watch out for its introduction next time!! I wish you a happy and Prosperous New Year too!! Enjoy the fun in this Holiday season!!


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