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First I want to tell you what happened the other night. I was a little scared about it because I am not really a computer expert. I know a bit of it but only the very basic ones like installing software, reading my emails, writing in my blogs and any basic things about it. I even don’t know a lot about its hardware and software. As I was deleting some links in my favorite files while talking to a friend, I found out later that my browser was gone. I really don’t know what happened because as what I have said, I was talking to a friend at the same time. Some programs in my computer are also in German and honestly, I find other German words very difficult. I am just thankful that I figured it out later and had it back. I just did something like going to the View bar and discovered how to put it back. I was happy after that. I even thought that I had some viruses in my pc or was even hacked.

I just visited a site named Pragmasys. I just find it very interesting especially for me that want to know more about computer software. They offer great solutions for companies like management tools and remote access. In fact they also offer telnet solutions for Windows systems and also for your mobile devices. I am not really sure now if I need some important software from them. After reading about their system software for computers, I finally understand their products. We know nowadays that there are some hackers out there who stole important information that are stored in our computers. In fact I watched in the television last time how these hackers do that. It was really very scary that they even stole bank information and pin numbers from people. This the reason why Pragmasys offers solutions like remote access software. It is simply to have a secure, fast and reliable solutions when using our computers. This is especially great for IT admin professionals and users like us!!


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