Me, Jacky Chan’s Sister?

This is a very memorable and I guess a frightening experience that I want to share today. Sit back and relax! Before I will start it, let me first greet you a very Merry Christmas full of joy and memories! I hope you are celebrating it now happily with your friends and family! I wish you too a Happy New Year! I guess this time, I can start sharing my experience.

I grew up in Mindanao, Philippines. My Mother is originally from Cebu where most of our family are living now. One time in Cebu City as far as I could remember that was in 1999, me and my sister rode in a small bus to visit our eldest sister in Talisay. At that time, I was holding my first Nokia cellphone. I wrapped it inside a small towel. I guess the Nokia model is 5210 wherein there is still an antenna in it. Even though it was wrapped in a towel, you can still see the antenna. Public transportation in the Philippines especially in the city always stops anywhere in the road especially when there are passengers waiting to ride.

One time, the bus stopped. I was surprised because one of the three snatchers was grabbing my cellphone. I was really surprised that I was able to fight them back. Imagine three of them against me! That was amazing! I even can’t believed how I fought against them until they ran away. I was kicking and punching and boxing them! Honestly, I had some self defense lessons before. I know a little bit about self defense especially that I am already interested with it since I was a child. I really wanted to learn Aikido, Judo, Karate or Taekwando but my mother won’t allow me because she said I am a girl. . I just learned a bit self defense because my cousin taught me about it. I am also fan of watching a martial arts lesson in our neighbors house since one of our neighbor is a karate instructor. I was even a fan of Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme and a lot of good martial artists that I always watch their movies even until now.

The other passengers in the bus where also shocked and amazed of what I had done. Even my sister was also shocked of what had happened. An old woman sitting in my back was also very scared and told me that she was also amazed by my ability. I am really thankful that I let the three snatchers ran away through my self defense and karate. I am also thankful to God that the snatchers don’t have knives with them. They just don’t know that I am the sister of Jacky Chan…wink!! just kidding! I was very proud of myself after I won in the battle with them!! Wanna fight with me??? I guess not now! It’s Christmas time!! see the importance of learning self defense, karate and other forms martial arts especially in today’s world! happy holidays!!


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