No salt No Sugar..Is that Possible?

I love to cook. I might not be the best cook but I know how to cook. I also love to buy cookbooks but sad to say I don’t usually follow what is written in the recipe book. In short, I always make my own recipe. Just today, I am thinking of what to cook since the past two days, we had been eating the same food. I want to try something new today. I went for grocery shopping yesterday in Neumarkt and I have all the stuffs and ingredients what I need for the recipe I want to cook today. I love to eat Greek food and I want to try to cook today Gyros. I hope it will be successful because I really don’t have the exact recipe for that. And for cooking I always need spices like pepper, garlic, onions, salt, sugar and a lot more. It depends on what I cook.

I was wondering as I visited a website last night. It is about cooking and they usually cook without the use of salt and sugar. In fact they have low sodium recipes which I really got interested of. I know too much sugar and salt is not really good for our health. My Mother is diabetic and has high blood pressure and some years ago I had problems with kidney trouble wherein I almost developed kidney stones. Thanks God that it was cured earlier. I really can’t imagine how food taste like without these two ingredients salt and sugar. But through the Author of No Salt No Sugar site, I was impressed how she manage to prepare food without these ingredients. I believed this is a great site for our family! Ooopps..what I also love in this site are the delicious recipes they are sharing. Thanks a lot for sharing this!! It is so terrific!! I can have again new menus in our table!! These ideas are simply great this coming Holiday season!! I hope we start to cook and eat healthy food now!!


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