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Just a few days ago, I mentioned here about computer viruses. I guess viruses such as spywares, malwares, adwares and some other more might be familiar to you. You might know what are these viruses but you might not know what effects and damages it will bring to your computer. Sometimes this can be very scary because your the hackers might steal your personal information or it happens sometimes that you can’ totally access to your computer because it is totally shut-down which is resulted by the attack of these viruses. It is not easy when this happens. You might lose your personal data and important files in your computer. Unless you have some back-up of it. The stress and hassle it bring is also not a joke. Before this happens, I strongly suggest that you better have an anti-virus software in your computers. I know getting one is quite expensive especially if you don’t have the money to pay for it. This is the reason why I am sharing this post to you. And yes, my computer already got in anti-virus. I am just making sure that it is always protected.

Just now, I visited Cyber Defender which is an anti-virus software company. I was reading their website and was surprised by the services they offer. How can you imagine having now a Free Virus Protection software for your computers..Imagine for free!! Why would you spend bucks of money when you can have it for free. I also want to tell my sisters back home about this. Each has its own computer and I know that they don’t have anti-virus software. That is maybe the reason why their pc’s always shut-down everytime we chat. Lastly guys, I would say this is really a great deal. I would suggest that you visit their site for more information!! Enjoy your weekend!!


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