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You might already heard a lot of stories of prominent people especially the rich and the famous. Sometimes I am asking myself how these people live their lives. Are they contented of what they have? or are they still aiming for more fame and money? Let’s take for example Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and a lot more. I read about a lot of articles regarding Angie and Brad like helping and adopting kids from poor countries. Or just like for example the photos of their twin babies who was paid for millions of dollars and the proceeds went to helping charities and foundations in helping poor people! Such a great act! These few people I just mentioned are in the entertainment industry. How about other people who are successful like Jim Piccolo? Have you heard about him already?

His name is not new to me. I already read some stories about the achievements and accomplishments of Jim Piccolo. And yes, I was truly inspired by it. I admired his vision and philosophy which made him successful. He is truly one in a million that possess such talents and abilities. His business skills also made him as leaders and even founders of more than a dozen of companies. Amazing success stories!!

The most thing that amazed me about Jim Piccolo is how he treat people. He simply treats people equally with due respect. I believed these are the greatest character that also made him successful which is building relationships to people. Like Angie and Brad, he also supports charitable foundations especially the children. These people are really blessed to have such talents and character. They are not only prominent but they also belong to the rich and the famous. Do you want to be want of them? Read their stories!!


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