Understanding Some Computer Terms

Happy Holidays to all! I hope you had a great and memorable one! Of course, we really had a great one celebrating it with good friends! I believed Christmas celebration is still not over but Christmas day is done. There are still New Year and three Kings that you might want to have some special celebration. But anyway, I will be talking here some computer terminologies that I also don’t know. I guess this post will add some infos which are relevant for me. Taking for example the words File Extensions.

If you have to consider the word, it looks like it is very easy to understand but it is not really. I guess when you are a computer expert this might be very easy for you. Since I am not really an Information technologist nor a computer engineer, the word File Extension sounds for me a bit complicated. File extension simply refers to computer files and can be considered as a type of metadata. Sometimes we received in our emails computer files which we really don’t know what it is. I even read in a website that sometimes these files contain viruses and very harmful to our computers. Be very careful when opening a certain file especially in your emails. Some might contain malwares and spywares which are dangerous to your pc’s.

On the other hand File Format is simply a particular way to encode information for storing in a computer file. These terms, computer files and file formats seems easy in a blink of an eye but I know these are also complicated words especially if you don’t have background about computer. Computer File Extensions is a great site for further knowing about these terms and other forms of file extension. I got some IT words again! hope you get something too. TGIF


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