Where Do I came from?

This is quite a very interesting topic. I just find it interesting because I always see and hear it over the radio and television. I even read this in the newspapers. I even ask sometimes myself, “Where do I Came From”? I don’t mean this question about the theory of Evolution of Man or about the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. I only mean in this question of who are really my ancestors? Do you wonder sometimes about that? I would say I am a German citizen now but I am still a Filipino. I also know that there is really no true Filipino because according to history, Philippines was conquered and ruled especially by the Spaniards for almost three hundred years. As far as I remember about Philippine history which says that “Philippines is an amalgam of different races”. It simply means that Filipinos are a mixture of different races which I also believed is true.

How would we really know our Genealogy? Through the modern Sciences that we have now, it is not impossible to discover where we came from. Medical Sciences can now determine from where ancestry you came from through DNA Test. If ever you want to be sure that you are really the father of a certain child, you can also know it though DNA testing. It is simply called the DNA Paternity Testing. In fact DNA testing had solved a lot of criminal law cases and family issues too like what I just mentioned. There are so-called Specialists for this field of Medicine. Easy DNA for example provides services with regards to DNA testing. If you need their help and assistance about DNA issues, you can simply contact them or simply have a live chat in one of their customer service representatives. Lastly I would like to say that DNA testing is truly one of the amazing Medical advancement and invention of our times. About my question, Where Do I Really came From? I guess it really doesn’t matter. As long as I am happy with my life now! right guys? Enjoy your weekend!!


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