WOW!! says my Schatz!

Some more hours and it is the last day of the year 2008. This year was a very challenging one for me . A lot of things happened from sad to happy moments. Some people are gone and you also meet new ones. I guess that is life! Whatever things or experiences that had happened to your life this year, the most important thing is that you learned some lessons from it. Agree guys?

I was surprised today while preparing for grocery shopping. I thought an intruder was inside the house because I heard the door opened. I was more surprised because my husband told me, “WOW, you look simply great!, where are you going?..I told him that, “he really surprised me…gush!” I thought your coming after work in the night. I also told him that I have to buy some stuffs for the grocery. That is the story of the WOW. But now I have to tell you another wow story.

Are you familiar about wow accounts? I guess if I am not mistaken I already mentioned it here before. WOW if you don’t have any idea, simply means World of Warcraft. It is one of the famous games in the internet nowadays. During our Christmas Party last time, I saw one of my friend’s husband who was playing some games in his pc. I am not sure if it is about WOW. I am quite sure that he really loves to play games online. I guess this is a great site for him. You know why? because they simply have 100% lifetime guarantee and protection. The best thing here is that they are considered to be the only secure source to buy wow accounts. what else you are looking for? Enjoy the game!! Oooppss..almost forgot to tell you what is Schatz, it simply means Honey or darling…whatever! Happy New Year!!


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