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I need My Card

I went with my sister shopping in Las Vegas. This happened last year as I went to the US for a two months vacation..I miss that place especially Vegas. Hello Vegas, I truly miss you!! Shopping in Las Vegas is really fabulous and exciting! well if you have a lot of money. But anyway, I […]

Technews for today

I am just very interested with this technology news, the reason why I also want to share it with you guys!! Would you like your brain activity to be analyzes by a computer program?? I guess it depends?? any ideas out there?? feel free to leave some comments!! have a great day!! Computer program analyzes […]

Business Solution

Are you a business minded person? Are you planning to put up a new business whether online or offline? Having some background about Business and Marketing, I guess I have something to tell you about business. This is only my personal opinion and ideas base on what I learned before in school and also based […]

Remembering London

Dream come true!! I thought it is only in my dream that I can visit London..but see I was finally there. Seeing one of the most interesting cities in the world like London is such a great experience for me!! I truly treasure this experience. This photo was taken in Piccadilly Circus, a famous road […]

Importance of Water !

Hi Folks! What’s up? I am just a little lazy to do some blogging for the past days. I should have a lot of things to share here but my mind is not functioning well for writing ideas and thoughts. I just feel so tired. I just don’t know if this is the cold weather […]



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