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Beware of Internet Scams/Fraud About yahoo Users Account

I just checked my other email account and I was surprised that most mails in my inbox are spam mails.. Imagine 60 mails and around 70% are spam mails. Another 156 mails directly went to my Spam mails but he others are still not filtered as spam mails. As we all know that there are […]

Sea Wall

Last week starting Tuesday, there was some sort of storm that hit Visayas and Mindanao. That’s what my brother told me. A lot of houses especially near the seashore in my Mother’s province in Cebu were splashed by the big and strong waves. This photo I had here is the seawall built by my Father […]

Bidding in Ebay

My husband made a bid last Sunday in Ebay. It runs until tonight at around 8:00 PM. The article is a rechargeable battery for his laptop. I bid for him at around 3PM because the first bid we made had a higher bidder. At around 8:00 tonight my husband made bid again. He thought he […]

Finally got my Showcase

Weekend is almost ending! I hope that this weekend is a happy and memorable one for you. I got some sort of headache again but I am feeling better now. I am happy because my husband finally installed my showcase yesterday. I already started to put some decors like my porcelain and ceramics capo de […]

Curious What a Meniscus Is?

I am just curious what a Meniscus is. This is in relation to my post about Radiology Appointment of my husband next month. The reason why he needs an x-ray to his left knee is because of Meniscus. I finally found it now..For more info about it, just visit the URL below In anatomy, […]

Insurance as Investment

There are a lot of insurances that we can avail of. My husband said that you can have everything you want as long as you can afford to pay for it. Just like me, I am paying a private life insurance which I can withdraw anytime. I also have a private accident insurance. We are […]

Radiology Appoinment

My husband went to our house doctor the other Friday. He is always complaining about the pain in his left knee. I am not very sure if it was coming from his biking accident last August 5, 2007. His right ankle was operated because it was broken which was caused by this accident. The bad […]



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