Cataract Operation of My Mother

I cannot forget that time when my Mother can’t see good anymore due to cataract. My youngest brother became her guide before because of poor eyesight caused by cataract. I guess, you are familiar what a cataract is.? It is like a cloudy tissue that forms in the lens of the eye that obstruct the passage of the light, thus causing poor vision or blindness. Cataract can be removed through operation. My Mother had two eye operations due to this disorder. The first eye was operated but no lense was implanted because she was attacked by high blood pressure. As we moved to Cebu City, I consulted my Mother to a very good eye doctor. There she had a laser operation on the other eye and this time both eyes where already implanted with lenses. Now my Mother’s eye sight are back to normal. Thanks to the successful operation that our modern medical technology brings.

Cataract if not immediately properly deal with or operated can be very dangerous. It will lead to more complicated sickness like glaucoma. We should be thankful that we already have modern medical technology that can cure this sickness. Talking about eye problems, the latest one is the so-called iLasik. Eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and the like can already be treated with iLasik procedure. If you live in Boston, there are very good Boston Lasik eye doctors that can help you with any eye problems. And you know what? My cousin in Las Vegas told me that she always wins in casino there due to her lasik eyes!! I guess when you have the luck also!! I have to sign-off now to pick-up a furniture in Moebelhof. Enjoy your Friday guys!!


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