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New Year 2009 is finally here! I hope you had a great one as you celebrated the coming of 2009. I had a great one especially today that another gathering with friends also took place. It was another great party again with friends and also a very memorable one. I hope I can post some photos here after I will upload it. You can also try to visit my other sites where I will be posting some photos before the end of the week. I guess what I am sharing tonight is good for the start of the year.

We already know the crisis that the world is facing right now. This is true especially the collapse of some big financial institutions in the United States like the Lehman Bros. and some other more. After this happened, it seems like a domino effect. It simply means that some other financial institutions around the globe were also affected. Do you know some reasons? If I am not mistaken a lot of people are still not financially educated. Take for example my visit to the United States last year. I noticed that most people (it means not all) I saw there always pay with their plastic card. I saw a lot especially in the malls or grocery stores or any shops. I mean using credit card is not bad if you use it wisely. I even know some people who can’t already pay their credit cards because it is already too much that when payday comes, it is not anymore enough to pay all the bills and debts. Some even have left and right debts that sometimes, it is already hard for them to manage their financial aspect. I believed Credit Card Counseling is one of the best solution for this kind of financial problems. If you also have debts or loans in different financial entities, I would suggest that as soon as possible debt consolidation is one way for you to slowly attain your financial freedom and stability. Start it now before it is too late!! Wishing everyone a more financial freedom for this year!!Good luck!!


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