We Need New Rugs

How are you guys? It is “TGIF” again. Thanks God It’s Friday. But I hope we thank God not only during Friday but all days in our lives. I am back again today. I finally gained this afternoon my composure in blogging. I hope I can give you more updates in my other sites. Life was just so busy the past days especially during the Holiday season, Christmas and New Year. Hopefully the coming days, I can give you more updates. For now, I want to give you an update about Area Rugs.

Last Sunday, an old friend of ours finally visited us. She has not visited us for quite some years already. We see each other sometimes but not all the times. She took her dinner in our house last Sunday. After eating dinner we went to our living room and she noticed the new Rugs we have. Unfortunately as we were drinking some cola she accidentally touched her glass and the liquid spilled in the new carpet. Some parts were totally wet. Not really that bad because it dried off after some days. That was the first time that she also noticed my porcelain and ceramic collections. I guess she had a great time spending some hours in our home. We had fun after singing the “Magic Sing”. That was a great evening I guess.

Actually I was also looking for Cheap Rugs for our two rooms upstairs. The other one had wooden floor and feels so cold especially during this winter season and really needs some good ones. The smaller room also need a new one because, it looks very old already. I have no idea how old it is but I know that it really needs a replacement. I found some very nice and affordable ones at Superior Rugs. Whatever styles, colors, size and designs you want, they have it all. I love the modern style of Beverly Hills Hila 1052terra. I have to mention this to my husband first. I believed our rooms will look better and presentable with this modern styles. Enjoy the coming weekend guys!! take care!!


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