My Smart For Four Car Have Annoying Beeps!

Good evening to all! I am feeling a bit sleepy already. I guess it is because of the weather that makes you tired and sleepy..I did not do much things today. I visited a friend during lunch time and in the afternoon, I went grocery shopping with my husband. and my car still keeps on beeping! I don’t exactly know what is wrong. This starts last Tuesday as I drove some friends to Neumarkt to have an important paper to,pick-up. The beep started after I drove them home and I was already driving going home. Usually these beeps only sounds when I don’t wear my seat belt when driving. It is giving you a warning to wear your seat belt. Of course I always wear my seat belt when I drive. I must do that because if a police will see you not wearing your seat belt you will pay some fine and might get some points. It just scares me as I drove today the car and it still continue to beep.

I immediately informed my husband about this but since he is already tired after work, he don’t have the time to check it. My hubby also checked the car’s manual last Wednesday. He read some infos about the causes if these beeps are making sounds. One cause might be some lights are bad, or battery is almost empty, it is icy on the road, break pads are bad, etc….My husband also asked some co-workers who know something about cars and they said that it is the acoustic warning sound that beeps. The best thing we can do is let it check by a car maintenance and repair shop. A friend also mentioned that it did happened to their car last time wherein the bad one was, one light was not functioning. My husband will bring my car tomorrow to his brother- in-law who have a car maintenance and repair shop for check-up.

I have to slowly sign-off from here..It is TGIF guys!! have fun on your weekend!!


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  1. Amy Says:

    Hello, was here too! Happy weekend:)


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