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My PC Says “Virtual Memory Too Low”

This happened last night as I was uploading photos from our trip to Paris, France. There was a pop-up in my computer that says “Virtual Memory Too Low”. I don’t know exactly what is this or what’s going on. As this happened, I had a lot of windows from the different sites I visited. I […]

Problems with Hair Loss

Hello to everybody! I am still tired after a very long travel from Ramstein, Germany. I am quite sleepy now because I did not have a good sleep during our short vacation. At least, it was another enjoyable and memorable vacation in the “city of lights” named Paris. Anyway, let’s talk about health and beauty […]

Need To Update My Computer

It’s TGIF again! hope you have fun for today and the whole weekend too! Yes I will because I will be having a trip to Paris with my dear hubby tomorrow. I am quite excited. Anyway, I was thinking of whether to buy a new laptop or desktop this month. I guess you already read […]

Can’t View, Drop and Transfer EC

I still can’t do the above things in Entrecard. I always try to drop EC but all I see are black box. I also want to transfer EC points to some bloggers who won the contest of Gengen. The problem, I can’t find the website of Gengen and the blogs of the owners. I was […]

Choosing the Best Web Hosting services

I can still remember when I was new to blogging. I really don’t have any idea on how to manage a blog. Thanks to online tutorials and also to good friends online who help me a lot with regards to making my own site. I also remember a friend who told me that I am […]

WW: Hohenfels Castle Ruins

The remains of the castle in Hohenfels

Planning to go back to School Again!

I am planning to go back to school again. Last Saturday, I attended a group and the leader of the group told me that, I have to use my talent and abilities while I am still young. I am not really young but also not too old. Besides I believed that life is always a […]

Free Scan for My PC

I was ranting about my PC since last week. If you read about my previous post last Friday entitled “My Computers Loads so Slow”, you might have some idea of what I am talking. Just tonight, I was reading about File Extension DO and how it can help your computer with regards to different matters […]

Science and Tech News

I have been very busy the past days and this week too! I have a lot of things to do offline and sometimes online too..whew!! I hope to give you more updates hopefully next week…I am just sharing this subscribed mail from before I delete it. I just want to give you an update […]

Ordered Some Furniture for a Friend

I felt a bit tired and sleepy now. I have been out for almost a day. I went home late already because I had fun with friends. It was truly a great day. What was great was also the different food served today. I ate a lot again. I will be coming back for next […]



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