Annoying Beep of My Smart For Four Car Finally Resolved

The Annoying of my Smart For Four Car was finally resolved! I was happy last Friday even I was not feeling well. My husband who loves to always fix cars finally found the reason why my car keeps on beeping everytime I turn on the ignition key. If you read before my previous post about this in this blog, you might find more information.

Last Friday my husband went home earlier. Since he can’t talk to me because I don’t want to hear some noise or even a voice due to migraine, he found sometime fixing my car. There are always some fuses in the car for the lights or anything that serve its purpose. He tried to find and get it one by one. According to his story to me, everytime he get one fuse out, and put it back, he tries to turn on the key. He did it until he reached the fifth fuse. As he put it back and turn the ignition key on, the annoying beep was gone. He checked it again yesterday and my car never had that annoying beep again. As we had a lunch date today and drove my car, I never heard it beep again. Congrats mein Schatz!! Du bist sehr gut!! (you are very good!)..I can continue to drive my Smart For Four a again without fear. Thats was really an annoying beep before. Thanks to my dearest husband who got talent in fixing cars!! If you are driving the same car and have the same problem, try what my husband did!! I am happy again to drive my car!


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