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I Can’t Log-in in Mybloglog Account

Just a few months ago, I changed the yahoo email log-in in mybloglog account. I also know that MyBlogLog is now owned by yahoo. You can also log-in with your yahoo account to mybloglog account using the same password. Since I changed my email sign-in, I have a hard time to log-in now because it […]

Dog For Give-Away

I am back here! I finally had my lunch and had a great conversation with my husband while we took our lunch together. He got off now for some important appointments like calling insurances, going to the bank, calling doctor’s appointments, etc. So back about dog for give-away…My friend asked me last time if I […]

Some Friends Are Leaving Soon!

I guess I am having fun sharing you updates, news and stories today. I always love to do that especially if I have time. Have you heard the saying, “Some people come and some people go”. I believed this is always true. This is especially true in our place where a lot of people always […]

Technology News: Computer challenges humans on ‘Jeopardy!’

Want some updates about technology! read this post and be informed! Computer challenges humans on ‘Jeopardy!’ARMONK, N.Y. (UPI) — IBM has unveiled an advanced computing system that will compete with humans on a special edition of the television program “Jeopardy!” Codenamed “Watson,” the system is designed to be able to understand complex questions and answer […]

We Are Saving Power and Energy

Power and Energy in Europe especially in Germany is getting very expensive now. Starting this year, the EON, an electric company in Germany had implemented some percentage increase in power and energy. We are trying to save our electric bill by using energy saving light bulbs. This year we are planning to buy a new […]

Updates About Swine Flu

This is a subscribed email from I am just sharing this article just to give you some information about the latest Swine Flu Virus that hit the whole world now. Keep reading and be informed! Happy Thursday Swine flu not linked with today’s pigs WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (UPI) — A Purdue University veterinarian says […]

Finally Got Her Audio Rack

Hello everyone! How your last day of the month? I guess I am having a great April month. I hope you too. I guess some friends of mine are also happy and contented. I got one friend who has almost everything what she want in Germany including one of those nice audio racks. She let […]

WW: Royal Guards in London

This a picture I took of the Royal Guards in London, England during my three weeks vacation there last year..London is beautiful! photo I took with my Samsung S85 camera. this photo is original and not fix.

My Acne Were Gone

Nobody wants ugly face especially the women. As I first came to Germany, a lot of acne grow on my face. It was a very terrible one. I was scared sometimes because when I sleep in the night, I woke-up with some blood on my face. I guess, I scratched accidentally those huge pimples called […]

What is a Web Page and a Home Page

Sometimes, I am just confuse what is really the difference between homepage and webpage. I guess they are almost similar but have each own meaning. To find an answer to my question, I consulted again my doctor professor in the internet, Wikipedia. See I simply browse and found the answer right in the click of […]



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