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Shopping Escapades

I had a late dinner again. It was around 8pm as I took my dinner. I waited for my husband who watch a football game in a restaurant near our place. He just arrived now and it is past 10pm already. Good that I did not waited for him if not I will take a […]

I Wish To Travel to South America

I guess my day is a busy one today. I am not busy in the house but in my online world. Next topic is about travel. I hope this is the last one for this blog today. You just read my title right? I wish to travel to South America. Yes, I am! I have […]

Warning About Sony Ericsson Laptop Give Away

I received today a forwarded email from my sister about Sony Ericsson Laptop Give-Away. The mail has a lot of photo attachment which I also attached here. To know whether this promotion from Ericsson is true or not, I visited This is a good site especially when you want to know if a certain […]

I Love This Bathroom faucet

I am back here after visiting my other blogs! Last February of this year, my husband had a doctor appointment in Neutraubling, a town near Regensburg here in Germany. I went with my husband to see the place for the first time. Due to nature’s call, I went to their bathroom. I saw a very […]

Have you seen a Maibaum?

First of all I would like to greet everyone a happy Sunday! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. I guess you already read my question in my title here; have you seen a Maibaum? Maibaum came from German words Mai and Baum. The first means May, the month of the year and the […]

Getting A Lot of Fraud or Scam Emails

It always annoyed me everytime I get those tons of fraud or scam emails everyday. My gosh! I can’t even clean my tons of email in my inbox and here are these scam emails adding to my job. Hey scammers and swindlers out there, can you stop your stupid work. Can you find a better […]

Online Shopping is Getting More Exciting!

It’s shopping time again! I know that this is the favorite topic of many especially for women. How many times did I went shopping this week. I guess three times and it don’t include my online shopping at home. Shopping has never been difficult nowadays. If you have a computer and internet connection at home, […]

I Need To Upgrade The OS of My PC

It has been some months that I am planning to upgrade the Operating System or OS of my pc. It has a Windows XP with SP2 operating system. The SP3 is still waiting to be upgraded. I am just scared to lost some important files, data or documents in my pc one I will upgrade […]

Entertainment Revolution

I just want to make it clear that revolution here does not means war. It simply means how our entertainment has change and improve conveniently. Whether we are at home, at work or in vacation, with the use of our modern technology like computer, entertainment has revolutionized. A lot of sites are also offering services […]

Blog-stats Update for My WWW Site

It seems that this blog of mine is getting better. I just check it’s Google pagerank at and found out that from PR2, it is getting a PR3 now..Wow I am very happy. One year ago this blog have PR4. I guess that PR4 ran until September. I am just happy that it is […]



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