Let’s Get Carbonite!

I believed you already heard a lot of words about carbon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and maybe Carbon which is a name of one of the market places in Cebu City, Philippines. How about the word Carbonite? This is also my first time to hear this word but I believed this is one thing I need especially for my computer files, data and documents. I want to get some help from Carbonite especially if I will get my new acer notebook next week.

Sometimes it come to my mind, what if my computer crashes and I lost all my important documents, files and data in my pc. That would be a big catastrophe for me and I might get crazy for a while! Computer is a part of my life now and I guess without it, I don’t know how to deal with my daily life especially that I spend around 40% of my time in front of my pc everyday. This is the reason why I believed Carbonite is a good thing for me.

So what is really Carbonite? I just came across the website Carbonite this afternoon. As I was reading their site, I found the importance of online back-up for our files and data because we don’t know if accidentally we delete the files in our computer or maybe our computer was corrupted by viruses and it happened to crash without a warning. Carbonite exist since 2005 and being a partner of famous companies like Lenovo, Acer, Packard Bell and many more reputable companies, I agree that it is also a trustworthy company. I am planning to get Carbonite once I get my new notebook. How about you?


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