WWW’s Weekend Trivia

These are the trivia I got from a subscribed mail. Before I delete it in my inbox, I want to share it all to you guys. I hope you get something for this weekend! Have a good one!

How are galaxies shaped?

Three-quarters of the galaxies in the universe are spiral galaxies. There are three other types of galaxies: elliptical, irregular, and lenticular.

Can a sponge reassemble itself?

A species of sponge, called the red sponge, can be pushed through a piece of fabric so that it is broken into thousands of tiny pieces. The animal does not die. Rather, all the pieces reassemble until the sponge returns to its original form.

Who was the premiere ‘First Lady?’

Martha Washington was referred to as “Lady Washington.” Mary Todd Lincoln was the first presidential wife to be referred to as “The First Lady.”

How dangerous are a hedgehog’s quills?

Hedgehog quills are not barbed or poisonous. Hedgehogs do apply a foamy, foul-tasting saliva to their quills, which protects the animals from predators.



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