Having Problem Viewing Mails/Inbox in Yahoo

I thought it will already work today so I open again the email of my husband since I am his so-called secretary. I tried it again a lot of times today but I can’t still open and read the inbox of my husband in yahoo. The worst thing is, I was trying to send an important mail with attachments in it but it won’t go through. My husband is using Yahoo Classic and every time I click his inbox it just says “Loading…” at the top of the screen and doesn’t actually do anything. I tried switching to the other version of yahoo and in that version when I go to my inbox , it is still the same story, I can’t still open it. I can’t seem to check my mail and it is really frustrating. Anybody out there who have the same problem? This might help you solve the same problem because I found the solution to yahoo answers. here is answer from magnumgirl in yahoo answer. Thanks for sharing this info but is there a way of sending outgoing mails in yahoo?

“You are not the only one, many are having the same problem with Yahoo lately. They are not saying what the problem is. In the meantime you can use one of these links until Yahoo gets yours fixed. It’s basic, no frills, but it works. http://us.m.yahoo.com/p/mail or: http://uk.m.yahoo.com/p/mail or; http://de.m.yahoo.com/p/mail


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